Personal statement

I am currently a second-year CS PhD student at Purdue University. My research interest is in Mobile network, especially in IoT security, 5G mobility support.

I am also an "amateur" piano soloist. I was the piano soloist in Symphony Orchestra of HUST and the piano pedagogy in Chorus of HUST.

Kai Ling

Education & Certification

Ph.D student in CS

Purdue University

Studying all aspect of Mobile Computing

Especially in delay, security and IoT connected with cellular


Undergraduated Student Majored in CS

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Studying technologies both in software and hardware


Research Experiences

Research Assistant

MSSN Lab | Purdue

Advisor: Chunyi Peng, the Assistant Prof., Purdue

Mobility Management Map.Click here

• Develop an online service to visualize handoff configuration data to better support mobility research

• Offered an user-friendly way to show handoff configurations of the cells in the area of user interests

• Enabled a complete cycle of data collection, analysis and visualization, along with MMLab

• Provided spatial statistics of handoff policies in an area

• Wrote a poster accepted by IMC'18


Research Assistant

MSSN Lab | Purdue

Advisor: Chunyi Peng, the Assistant Prof., Purdue

Cellular-Connected UAVs measurement Project.

• Conducted the first city-scale what-if study to examine feasibility and potential issues of flying UAVs over the existing cellular networks

• Ran extensive flying measurements (45 hour, 1010 km) over representative(urban, suburban, rural) regions in the metropolitan area

• Compared data performance and mobility support on the fly and on the drive, and quantitatively assess how latency and failures vary when LTE extends its support from the ground to the sky with deep RAN analysis in RAN layers’ data traces

• Made several new findings and gained insights to improve performance and even the roll-out of cellular-operated UAVs


Selected Courses Projects

Project Leader

Course: Software Engineering

A Managing System For Reservation To Register Online

• Built a reservation system to register online in hospitals solely with many functions, following the standards in Software Engineering such as data flow diagram and IPO sheet

• Utilized the structured analysis and OOA to analyse the requirements of the doctors, patients and the managers of the hospital

• Euipped the system with MYSQL database to support large-scale users

• Used the C/C++ to build the system and the code scalability is good

• Concluded 51 pages report to summarize the analysis and proof

• Obtained a high score of 96 in the project evaluation, ranking the Top 3 in all teams


Project Leader

Course: Computer Organization

Multi-period CPU Design Based on Verilog

• Completed an multi-period CPU based on Verilog with many MIPS instructions solely, such as syscall(display or exit), branch on equal, loading word, adding

• Equipped the CPU with the registers, ALU and the storage system

• Supported the CPU with the pipeline technology

• Gained praises by professors of the course

• Concluded 65 pages report to summarize the analysis and proof


Leadership & Activities

Vice Monitor

General Committee Office in Center of Art Education, HUST

• Hosted bi-weekly class meetings

• Designed organized more than 10 events and activities, including tours, contests and discussions

• Organized the Excellent League Activity and won the first prize in school (10 out of 70 groups)

• Recognized for the Outstanding Student Leadership in HUST, given to 10 students out of 120


Piano Pedagogy

Chorus of HUST

• performed in more than 20 concerts

• Apraised by many professors including Gregory Wait( the dean of Department of Music in Stanford University)

• Entered national competition finals in University Students Arts Festival

• volunteered in Internet innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2016


Technical skills


80% Complete (success)


70% Complete


65% Complete (warning)


National Scholarship (2 out of 120) 2017

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Scholarship for Freshmen (1 out of 120) 2015

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Model Student of Academic Records (5 out of 120) 2017

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Awarded Outstanding Student (4 out of 120) 2017

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

First prize in International Art Federation Music Competition 2014

International Art Federation

First prize at the provincial level in Chinese Mathematical Olympiad in Senior 2014

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China